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The amusing thing is to see all this people in all this countries which are 35 countries in the world where the Novell is in play and and now 13 where the musical is a claim. We see exactly at the same moment the same reactions we see the same joy the same laughter the same sadness at exactly the the same moments. This is a kind of genius which I hope we have been able to spell out. But of course that was his [Victor Hugo].

Alain Boublil

I bought this special Laserdisc in New York in summer 1990 after visiting Les Mis the first time (which impressed me a lot). The LD is nearly 28 years old and now the video output is poor but not the sound which is PCM coded – meaning CD standard. Perhaps the mixture of a NTSC LD and altered analogue video on the disc is responsible for the poor video material. But other NTSC discs e.g. Flubber are video ok (like an iTunes movie in single definition).

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